Weed has more related to your love life than you would imagine

Weed has more related to your love life than you would imagine

No, we’re perhaps not high (now). Our information proves that weed can play a substantial part in your intimate relationships.

Look. Weed can affect your love life. No, this is not an intervention. In reality, if you believe an intervention would ever take place more than a article, you’re probably high right now. Back into the idea: weed is really a deal breaker that is dating. So that as weed is now decriminalized and de-stigmatized, we wished to observe how severe of a deal breaker it is.


To learn, we looked over different questions regarding weed, faith and sex. Each one of these relevant concerns had been expected to at the least 1 million OkCup >toootally your responsibility) and look for exactly exactly how and where weed intersects together with your dating life.

Weed + Your Partner

First thing’s very very very first: we found that — in terms of dating people that are ok using their partners smoking weed…if they’re not presently deploying it.

The absolute most popular reaction ended up being preferring their lovers to have experienced the

of weed into the past, although not currently partake. Appears like you ought to puff, puff, pass once and for all.

Our information reveals that when considering to sex, though, weed cigarette cigarette smokers — past and present — really have actually greater likelihood of moving away from.

Weed cigarette cigarette smokers of all of the kinds (past, and both types of present) are a lot more prone to have sexual climaxes than their never-smoking counterparts. Therefore if finishing is just a concern, inhaling could be too.

We additionally compared exactly just how individuals reacted to weed concerns and just how they taken care of immediately the relevant question“Are you in search of love or sex on OkCupid?” That which we found is the fact that, inside it’s very own way that is special weed is just a gateway medication (to intercourse).

Taking a look at the chart, the individuals whom think about medications of any kind a deal breaker (the “no” line) are a lot more apt to be in search of love (73%) than sex (12%). The folks who will be just fine with medications if it’s weed are a little less probably be hunting for love compared to the group that is no-drugs59.5% versus 73%) and much more than two times as likely as this “just say no” team to be to locate sex (26.5% versus 12.4%). The folks who will be cool along with medications (the “yes” line) are similarly split between wanting intercourse and love (42% and 43% correspondingly).

So that the more tolerant you will be of medications in general — whether that’s of the partner’s habits or your own — your need for sex grows, as well as your curiosity about love decreases.

There’s also a match up between being available to weed and being available to bisexuality. Daters whom think any medications are a definite deal breaker are less ready to date a person that is bisexual47% no, 35% yes, 18% skipped), but any openness to dating a medication individual flips “yes” into the bulk reaction (81%).

In closing, it probably means you have a sexier sex life if you’re a regular smoker or open to drugs in general. Additionally, it seems that being accepting of cigarette smokers enables you to more available to dating somebody who is bisexual — perhaps that is because perhaps not smoking weed is very related to faith. We’ll explore that in the section that is next.

Weed + Faith

The indicator that is first there’s a match up between being spiritual rather than smoking weed are located in a person’s profile. We looked over terms which can be more prevalent among OkCupid users which are presently (or familiar with) smoke weed versus users who possess never ever smoked weed, and discovered them become strikingly stereotypical. We additionally never knew that “devils lettuce” had been nevertheless a phrase that is common.

A indication that is similar present in our information. We saw that that the less fine you might be with medications, the greater amount of fine you might be with faith and/or God.

Conclusion + New OkCup >Okay, a lot was learned by us. And we’re continuing to find out more — about you, that is. Therefore today, we’ve included some questions that are new OkCupid. an examples that are few

  • Are you 420 friendly?</li>
  • Do you realy ever utilize marijuana to obtain down?
  • Is cigarette smoking cannabis an enjoyable very first date?

And we’ve also included a visitor concern from tall occasions tradition editor, Mary Jane Gibson. Do not blush:

Compiled by Kelly Cooper. Illustrations and photos by Hanna Kim. Information technology by Brenton McMenamin.

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