Waterfield prides itself on a culture built on over 90 years of customer-first service and ideology. Whether you are a corporate client, private banking client, investor, employee, or simply a friend, we put you first in every instance.

This culture originated with Richard H. (Dick) Waterfield, founder of what later became Waterfield Group in 1928. Dick Waterfield would drive oftentimes straight through the Midwestern night to make sure to meet his client’s needs. In the late 1920’s, that might have been a farmer in who needed to fund a $2,000 mortgage so he wouldn’t lose the farm. Today it might mean a CEO who needs a $2 billion deal to keep 30,000 people employed. There are more zero’s on the numbers we work with today, but it’s the same concept it’s always been: put the customer first.

To encapsulate our culture, Richard D. Waterfield, son of the late Richard H. Waterfield & Chairman of Waterfield Group from 1980 to 2006, presided over development of The Waterfield Way™, a set of principles meant to ensure our traditional values stay first and foremost in the minds of employees as Waterfield grows. Brothers J. Randall Waterfield & Richard R. Waterfield added to the Waterfield Way™ in 2006, coincident with their agreement to assume their Co-Chairmen roles.


Waterfield enterprises conduct business according to The Waterfield Way, a time honored cultural tradition we believe has been the foundation of our success:

  1. Our home is America. We believe in American values: freedom, hard-work, family, religion, and meritocracy can help make the world a better place.
  2. We have high ethical standards. Our reputation is everything. We take it seriously.
  3. We start with good people. We interview thoroughly, and only add to our team after thoughtful examination.
  4. We strive for excellence. We believe healthy entrepreneurial competition makes every company better. We work hard to be the best.
  5. We Focus. Our mission is to add value in the industries we serve.
  6. We prioritize our customers. We do the research required to find the best value for them, and we go above and beyond when it comes to service.
  7. We prioritize our shareholders. We manage our business to create shareholder value.
  8. We prioritize our employees. We manage our business to create meaningful lifestyles.
  9. We take pride in our work. We believe that every product we offer improves society.
  10. We work smart and we work hard. We prioritize and we pay attention to detail.
  11. We are proactive. We work, every day, to get a little bit better.
  12. We are honest with ourselves. We quantify, measure, track, and evaluate constantly. We search for our weaknesses in a tireless fashion, confront them, and take action to fix them immediately.

Waterfield is an equal opportunity employer.