The Waterfield Private Equity Fund(s) I, II, & III; as well as Waterfield Financial and The Waterfield Family Office, invest in conservatively run companies with strong free cash flow, proven management, and a platform we believe can add value to the global economic community. We prefer basic businesses with a few years of proven, conservative growth. We avoid companies that are growing too fast. We believe slow and steady makes the race. EBITDA has typically been in the $5 to $50mm range. Honest, ethical, hard-working management is a must. We research reputation extensively before we buy. We will pay slightly above market for achiever-oriented cultural strength. By mandate, we are required to purchase 51% or more of the consolidated operation. We strive to be a good partner to existing management, are passive with regard to general managerial issues, and work hard to help our CEOs and their families’ realize their vision. We have no defined exit plan and tend to own companies for generations. Waterfield has a strong track record of investing in a wide variety of companies. We entertain serious sellers only.


Waterfield Group, established in 1928 in a small office in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is today one of the largest and most well-regarded private financial service organizations in America. Based primarily in Los Angeles and New York City, Waterfield has investments in over eighty different entities, and networked operations spanning over 50 countries in North America, Latin America, Western Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Waterfield conducts business according to The Waterfield WayTM, a time-honored cultural tradition we believe has been the foundation of our success.


Waterfield’s investment timeframe is forever. We work to grow book value at a reasonable pace with no exit in mind.


Waterfield has been investing in the success of American enterprises since 1928. The following list is a sample of investments Waterfield has made in the past:

  • AARP Savings Center
  • Acuon Financial Group, Seoul, South Korea
  • Affinity Financial Corporation
  • Agriculture Indiana
  • Agriculture Tech
  • Air Force Association Banking Center
  • Altair Reinsurance
  • Alto Informatique
  • Altura
  • American Plaza
  • AmeriLife
  • Amerilife Group LLC
  • Asure Software
  • Banco BTG Factual
  • Bank of Internet
  • BOFI Federal Bank
  • Bank United
  • BHC Insurance Interim Funding
  • Bond 45 Times Square Restaurant
  • Bridge Bank
  • Bridge Capital Holdings
  • Brooklyn Diner, New York City
  • Burlington Securities, New York City
  • Cabot Credit Management
  • Cabot Credit Management, West Malling, England
  • Campagnie Europeenne de Prevoyance
  • Cappello Investment Bank
  • Carnegie Childs Investment Bank
  • Castle Creek Hedge Funds
  • Castle Trust Company
  • Castle Trust, London, England
  • Cause Payments
  • Ceprima
  • Chi-X, Hong Kong
  • Chrysalis Technologies, Silicon Valley
  • CIT Group Inc.
  • Coastal Credit Auto Finance
  • Collins Capital Hedge Funds
  • CREO Investment Bank
  • Devon, New York City
  • Doosan Capital, Seoul, South Korea
  • Dylan Prime, New York City
  • Empruntis
  • Eurovita Assicurazioni S.p.A.
  • Eurovita Assicurazioni, Rome, Italy
  • Fidea NV
  • Fife Waterfield & Co. Merchant Bank
  • Financiere CEP, Nantes, France
  • First Chicago Bank
  • First National Bank of Mitchell
  • Forty 7 Ronin
  • Franklin Savings & Loan
  • Goldman Partners 1999
  • Goldman Sachs PepTech 2000
  • Goldman Sachs Vintage II
  • Goldman Sachs Vintage V
  • Heritage Oaks Bancorp
  • HK Savings Bank, Seoul, South Korea
  • IBM Blueworx Technologies
  • Immopret
  • Kensington Vanguard Title Insurance
  • Konective
  • Kreditech, Hamburg, Germany
  • Kreditech Holding SSL GmbH
  • KT Capital Corporation
  • Lincoln Tower
  • Lloyds of London Syndication
  • Lloyds Energy Insurance.
  • Lloyds Property Insurance
  • Lloyds Reinsurance
  • Manhattan Bancorp
  • Maple Leaf Hedge Funds
  • Micro Lending
  • Mission Community Bank
  • Missouri Cobalt
  • Moomba Restaurant, New York City
  • National InterBank Onine Bank
  • NetBank
  • NRA Banking Center
  • Omni Capital Retail Finance
  • One West Bank
  • One Savings Bank, Chatham, England
  • Oscar Hedge Fund
  • Pacific Mercantile Bancorp
  • Plaza Bancorp
  • Plaza Bank
  • Redeye Grill, New York City
  • Redoak Small Business Hedge Funds
  • Senior Media Newspapers
  • Signal Ridge Golf Course, NC
  • Skybridge Fund of Hedge Funds
  • Sonic Foundry STI Technologies
  • Speech-Soft Solutions
  • SpeechSoft India
  • Star Mountain Small Business Fund of Funds
  • STI Technologies
  • STV Communications
  • Tevora Information Security Technologies
  • The Beverly Hills Ritz Carlton Project
  • The Newport Beach Yacht Club
  • Trattoria Del Arte, New York City
  • UFB Direct Online Bank
  • Union Acceptance Corporation
  • Union Federal Savings Bank
  • Veruka Restaurant, New York City
  • Vexis Call Center Systems Tecnologies
  • VoxGen
  • Vysys Call Center Systems Technologies
  • Waterfield Energy
  • Waterfield Farm Technologies
  • Waterfield Farms
  • Waterfield Financial Corporation
  • Waterfield Insurance Agency
  • Waterfield Mortgage Company
  • Waterfield Technologies
  • Waterfield Tower
  • White River Auto Finance
  • Wood Struthers Winthrop Hedge Funds
  • Wyandotte Indian Nation Operations


If you are interested in selling your company to Waterfield, please send a one-paragraph description including EBITDA, number of employees, and headquarters location to:


Waterfield is a global investment management company. Waterfield also operates several small businesses in The United States and abroad. For more information, please visit


Waterfield Enterprises conduct business according to The Waterfield Way, a time-honored cultural tradition we believe has been the foundation of our success: 1. We have high ethical standards. Our reputation is everything. We take it seriously. 2. We start with good people. We interview thoroughly and only add to our team after a thoughtful examination. 3. We strive for excellence. No employee is satisfied with average work. 4. We focus. Our mission is to add value in the areas of financial services and financial technology. 5. We prioritize our customers. We do the research required to find the best value for our customers and we go above and beyond when it comes to service. 6. We prioritize our shareholders. We manage our business to create shareholder value. 7. We prioritize our employees. We manage our business to create meaningful lifestyles. 8. We take pride in our work. We believe that every product we offer improves society. 9. We work smart and we work hard. We prioritize and we pay attention to detail. 10. We are proactive. We work, every day, to get a little bit better. 11. We exceed expectations. 12. We are honest with ourselves. We quantify, measure, track, and evaluate constantly. We search for our weaknesses in a tireless fashion, confront them, and take action to fix them immediately.


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