Waterfield prides itself on a culture built on over 90 years of customer-first service and ideology. Whether you are a corporate client, private banking client, investor, employee, or simply a friend, we put you first in every instance. Today’s Waterfield is much different than the Waterfield of 1928. Our investment banking, asset management, principle Investments and financial technology companies handle multi-billion dollar transactions for oftentimes millions of customers, but our culture is the same. For more information on our culture, please click here.

Key Executives

Richard R. Waterfield

Chairman & CEO of Waterfield Enterprises

Randy Waterfield

J. Randall Waterfield

Chairman & CEO of Waterfield Group

Rick A. Brown

CFO, Waterfield Group & Waterfield Enterprises. Former Senior Auditor, Ernst & Young

Pete Waldroop

CEO, W Energy

Cynthia Stryker

VP of Marketing, Waterfield Technologies

Scott Landis

President, Vox Network Solutions

Kerry Robinson

VP of Conversational AI, Waterfield Technologies

Vladimir Babiuc

Sr. VP of Finance and Accounting, Waterfield Technologies

JP Reddy

General Manager, Waterfield Technologies

Strategic Advisors

Dale Jones

Vice Chairman & Partner of the CEO & Board Practice in the Americas

Rajeev V Date

Rajeev V. Date

Former Special Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury

Former Deputy Director of the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

John E. Messervey

Founder and President of The National Family Business Council (NFBC)

Dominic Pang Yat Ting,

Chairman, Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited (0711.HK) – HKSE

Dr. Gerald Bell

Founder and CEO, Bell Leadership Institute

David Sandberg

Director, Waterfield Technologies Chairman, Red Oak Partners, LLC

Michael V. LaBriola

Partner, Haney LaBriola, LLP

Darrell Petty

Advisor, W Energy, Former Partner & Managing Director, Accenture

Mark Moses

Founding Partner, CEO Coaching International

Michael Maas

CEO Coaching International

Jeremy Senk

Carson’s Managing Partner

Our Services

Waterfield Group is a global investment management company. Our mission is to buy and build great companies.